Welcome to Hot Lava.

Hot Lava from front doorHot Lava view from front door

Flip, balance, jump, and climb. Hot Lava is a training ground to work on your skills and a playground geared toward adults. At Hot Lava we have a gymnastics spring floor, lots of obstacles, and plenty of padding. Whether you're practicing your first cartwheel or preparing for your fifteenth mud run, get a $10 day pass to come and go as you please. Monthly passes and group rates are also available!

Let your inner ninja out at Hot Lava.

Hot Lava Obstacle Course is more than 1500 square feet of obstacle course and parkour gymnasium. Want to run the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, or Zombie Run races, but don't have anywhere to practice tackling obstacles at full speed? Want to try out for American Ninja Warrior, but don't have a backyard? Feel like a kid but still feel too old to hang out at Jump Street? WORRY NO MORE. Hot Lava understands your needs and is here for YOU!

Hot Lava from Quad Steps cornerHot Lava view from Quad Steps corner

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Sacrificed to the lava pitSacrificed to the lava pit

News and Events

Open all day Monday, October 13!

Hot Lava will be open from 10am - 10pm this Monday, October 13th. Come play!

Homeschool PE Classes

Starting October 2, Homeschool PE Classes will start. Thursdays, 12-2pm is the under 8 class, 2-4pm is the 8 and up class. For the under 8 class, 5 and up can be dropped off while 4 and under requires parent participation (no charge for parents).

Classes are $80/month with discounts for multiple kids and multiple months and includes a month pass to open gym. Drop-in classes are $25. Contact info@hotlavaobstaclecourse.com for more details.

Night Owl Classes

Night Owl Classes! Robert, also known as "that guy is not human," will start running "Training Classes." We're calling them Night Owl Classes, because they will begin at 10pm, and the class will have the space all to themselves. If you haven't yet met Robert, he is known for his strength, balance, and grace, but also for his eye for odd skills. He has run obstacle classes before as well as doing personal training, so you will get a workout, but you'll also gain new skills and have fun in the process.

If you're interested, please email your name, phone number, email address, and whether Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday would work best for you to classes@hotlavaobstaclecourse.com, and Robert will let you know which classes are open (they'll be $20 per class).

For reference, see Robert do a back over.

Silos of Death

The Silos of Death went in at the beginning of summer and have been a big hit.

Silos of Death picture

Parkour Classes through HueNox Motion hosted at Hot Lava!

HueNox Motion logo

HueNox Motion is now partnering with us to offer parkour classes at Hot Lava! Check out the HueNox Motion web site for more information.

Hot Lava T-Shirts

T-shirts are now available for $25 (only $15 for long term pass holders)! Pick one up the next time you're playing at Hot Lava.